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IMT - The Gold Standard of Insurance Technology

Insurance Marketing Technology, IMT, brings a new standard of technological and business expertise to the insurance industry. With satisfied and successful clients, we strive together to a new level of excellence. Will you join us?

IMT is growing more! Again!

We're hiring talented and experienced individuals to join our team regardless of location. Local candidates are preferred for onsite work.

Software Test Engineer

Lead in the constant improvement of our team’s test automation practices at the unit, services/integration and UI layers, working alongside software developers to build it, break it and rebuild it better.

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Senior Developers / Rockstar Coders

Create successful and maintainable software using SOLID design principles using C# ASP.NET latest and greatest.

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About Us

Welcome to Insurance Marketing Technology, a young and vibrant company backed by years of experience in the insurance and technology industries. IMT is founded on the principle of bridging cutting edge technology with the everyday needs of the insurance industry; giving users the ability to meet their needs and the clients that they service. IMT is dedicated to taking the insurance industry to another level through technology and industry foresight, while helping steer the direction of industry decisions.

IMT uses the powerful products provided by Microsoft to bring our vision from napkin to reality. Our developers have expertise in many fields of software development including web, enterprise, and services. IMT’s technology is only surpassed by the decades of insurance industry expertise. Working closely with our clients, specifically Ritter Insurance Marketing, we have developed systems that service tens of thousands of insurance agents every day. With all this technology expertise, we still think of ourselves as a people company with a primary focus on our customers.

IMT works closely with our clients to make solutions that work for them, not us. Our meetings get to the heart of what makes our clients happy and what callenges them. Our focus is to ease the day to day activity of a user so they can get to what is really important, being productive! Our meetings focus on high level conversations of business, and leave the geek speak to our technical experts. Best of all, when you talk to us you will get the feeling that we care about your concerns and challenges. The truth is, we care about each and all of our customers and we would not haveo it any other way.

2014 is an exciting year for IMT with many projects slated, so check back often for news and project updates.


We take pride in the solutions we build, because we know we can make a difference.


Our services are used by tens of thousands of insurance agents across the United States.


IMT is continually looking for opportunities to create a better and unified experience for the insurance industry.